Interline Ruby Infrared

Looking for the ultimate relaxation? Discover the Interline Ruby infrared cabin! With its advanced Ruby infrared technology, this cabin offers deep relaxation, muscle pain relief and blood circulation stimulation. Enjoy the luxury and well-being of the Interline Ruby infrared cabin.

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Wonderfully relaxing

Pleasant warmth and good temperature regulation


Your own music

​​​​​Mp3 player with integrated Bluetooth incl. speaker



7 Color LED lighting on the inside

Convenience of an Interline infrared cabin

Thanks to its compact size, the Interline Ruby infrared cabin fits perfectly in any room. In addition, the Interline Ruby infrared cabin is energy efficient. It is designed to work efficiently and has a low power consumption, which not only allows you to enjoy relaxation, but also to reduce your energy consumption.

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Controlepaneel Infraroodcabine

How does an infrared cabin work?


The ease of use of the Interline Ruby is remarkable. An easy-to-use digital control panel allows you to adjust the temperature, session duration and even the lighting. It's all at your fingertips, giving you complete control over your relaxation experience.



Ontdek de talrijke gezondheidsvoordelen van de Interline Jade infraroodcabine:
- Diepe ontspanning: bevordert ontspanning
- Pijnverlichting: verlicht spier- en gewrichtspijn
- Verbeterde bloedsomploop
- Ontgifting: bevordert detoxificatie
- Stressvermindering: vermindert stressniveaus
- Verbeterde slaapkwaliteit: bevordert een gezonde huid
- Versterkt immuunsysteem: ondersteunt de immuun functie

Geniet van al deze gezondheidsvoordelen en transformeer uw welzijn met de Interline Jade infraroodcabine. Ervaar de helende kracht van infraroodtherapie in het comfort van uw eigen huis.

Canadees Hemlock

Canadian Hemlock


The infrared cabin is made of Canadian Hemlock. This strong, stable coniferous wood comes from the far north of Canada and has a fine structure without knots. The wood type is particularly suitable for use in infrared cabins because it ensures an even heat emission.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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