Interline outdoor sauna Rauma 2 incl. accessories set 9 kW sauna oven, 400 V

buitensauna Rauma 2 met omkleedruimte incl. accessoireset 9 kW s

Size: 337 x 231 x 239 cm Equipped with: - Two benches of approximately 58 cm wide - Solid aspen lying surfaces Note: 3 pieces premium aluminium foil needed for the roof. A stylish, wooden sauna in your own garden Basically a sauna belongs outside. Admit it: what could be better than coming out after a soothing sauna session and breathing fresh air immediately? Interline outdoor saunas add another dimension. Because of the stylish design and the rustic appearance these products enrichen your garden. And you benefit from years of pleasure of your Interline outdoor sauna because high quality wood has been used. Construction and use of material Interline outdoor saunas are made of high quality, raw Norwegian pinewood. The walls consist of 38 mm massive wooden planks and it will be hooked together and screwed to the vertical corner beams. The roof is made of prefabricated elements and has inside mineral wool insulation and a 42 mm thick frame construction. The roof is covered with 12.5 mm Softline profile spruce wood. The stove protection is made of high quality Norwegian pine. The outside door is equipped with a plexiglass window and comes with a cylinder lock, three keys included. The sauna door has a bronze tinted window with a solid wood door frame. The door is equipped with a lacquered handle and a magnetic closure. You decide whether this door hinges right or left. Complete package The Interline Accessories set is suitable for all saunas bigger than 151 x 151 cm (W x D). This set includes sauna oven 9 kW, 400 Volt with control, 18 kg sauna stones, illumination, headrest, bucket with inside bucket (5 liter), thermometer, hourglass, sauna spoon and sauna instruction card.
AC input voltage 400
Depth 2310 mm
Depth of packaging 1300 mm
Height 2390 mm
Package height 900 mm
Package weight 925 kg
Width 3370 mm
Width packing 3300 mm