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Why a winter cover is important for your swimming pool

A winter cover has many benefits – please read on to find out more about them.

One of the benefits of a winter cover is that it will reduce evaporation of the pool water. If you put a pan of water on your cooker, you will notice that the amount of water reduces over time. This is because the temperature of the water is high enough for it to evaporate. The same happens with the water in your pool. By placing a winter cover over your pool, there is less evaporation, and you will need to refill your pool less frequently. Reducing water consumption is more environmentally responsible and an added benefit to your wallet.

While using a cover reduces evaporation loss, it also helps to keep the water at a better temperature.
This way, the heat pump does not have to work as hard. Plus, if you rely on the sun to heat your pool, a winter cover used overnight will help your pool to retain heat.

A pool cover also helps to keep your pool clean. A pool that is not covered will become dirty faster, because leaves, twigs, branches, insects and fluff can all blow into the pool.

Covering it will prevent things from blowing into the pool, and reduce the maintenance required. In addition, your filter will also need to work less hard, which in turn will save electricity.

35 to 60 per cent fewer chemicals


Did you know that using a pool cover means that you’ll need 35 to 60 per cent fewer chemicals to treat the water? In a nutshell, a winter cover is better for your pool, electricity consumption, water treatment, the filter and your wallet, and is without doubt a good investment.